2018 Concert for Children by Mini and Moment

September 8, 2018 by in the BIG album


After 10 months joining Mini And Moment, finally here comes the concert for the children. Is a honor for Olivia have chance to take part and perform on the stage to gain experience.

The venue was set up at The Story Book, Plaza Arkadia, there are also Mickey mouse mascot which is the most Olivia favorite, and caricature drawing too!

Mickey Mouse welcome Olivia

Olivia give a hug

Picture with Carmen Teacher

Picture with Friends

The artist is drawing Olivia portrait


The Stage

She might feel bit scared at first song,after second song was her favorite song,then she start to dance with the group, although at the middle of the show she try to walk away twice, but she also complete the whole session. I can see how brave she is.

After performance, she want to find mickey mouse again, then she started to dance with mickey mouse! really enjoy the fun!

The stage

Teacher sang welcome song to start the show

Olivia don’t want to perform the bumble bee song

She start to dance on the second song

She look for mickey again and dance with him.


The End

If you want to know more about Mini And Moment music enrichment class,

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