About OBL?

What is it about?

OBL “OliviaBabyLove aka Ollie” is daughter of author/admin. Everything write in here is about Ollie begin her first steps journey.

Why “the BIG album”? It begins with my daily smartphone photo shooting. From the first day I meet with Ollie till today, I swipe back and look at those photos me and my wife took, each of them contains unspeakable memories that we goes thru together. I might not able to remember each of it till the day I grow old and this “the BIG album” blog is my best storage that I can attach picture and memory (words, voice or video).

What’s the different between Facebook post and blog post here? Facebook post is mainly targeting mobile (on the go) version, more like a simplify version meanwhile blog post will be the magnify (full write out) version. I will take more time, more words, more useful thought and everything will be more as I can afford to give.

Some extra add-in, I will highlight some useful brand, product, link or post with how to in a specifically linked with my post. I’m not doing this for sponsorship but more information for my readers. I do welcome sponsorship but only to my liking, meaning I only will write on my own preview not ads and no ads. Internet is full of ads, everywhere anywhere but not my blog please.

Who will be writing this blog? Currently will be me (admin/Ollie daddy) writing broken English version, Ollie mummy will write Chinese version and lastly our future author/owner for this blog is Ollie aka oliviababylove. We don’t have a standard version of language writing because this is what we’re best at.

Meet the authors daddy wengobl (right), Ollie (middle) and mummy Shino Lim (left).