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August 27, 2018 by in the BIG album

This article is to share about Olivia learning progress in after 10 months (join since November 2017) at Mini and Moments Enrichment Center. The program is through music and play as well as an all-Australian music education program. She join once a week about 45 minutes.

They use lots of music instrument like egg shakers, maracas, hand Bell, triangle and drum. Through this instrument children learn to sing with the music and dancing. Children also learn about body part, animals, colors, number counting too. It help to improve musical sense, rhythm and beat through the lesson. Is all about Listening skill, Focus, Physical Development, Beat, Social Development and Vocabulary Development.

Olivia has improve so much through listening, she understand what teacher said and what the song sang about. she understand the instruction given by teacher or come from the song, she know what move to do just by listening. I love to bring her to class every week to learn about music. Most important is she feel very happy and always ask me to bring her to school.

I still remember when Olivia turns 2, she having speech delay problem, after attending 3 class at mini and moment,she start to call us papa and mama. So i guess music really help children on speech delay.

Some mommy may ask is one class per week enough for them to learn music?
I would say yes, it’s help, children will remember every song and activity they learn from class and want mommy to play with them at home. toddler focus time are short,45 minutes class are good enough for 1-2 years old.

You will get a CD and music book every new term, the CD can play the song at home for them to listen and dance. Olivia love all the songs. They are also homework to do in the music book. mommy can do with them together like coloring the picture then cut it out to laminated,then bring it to school for activity use.

I think is good to let her joining enrichment class before preschool, it allow her to have more confident and have more social skiil, so that she dont afraid of meeting new friend. she also know about the learning method before going to preschool.

Olivia will start her preschool soon in September, but i still let her continue the music class her, because this lesson is very diffrent from what preschool will have.

Playing drum with daddy

social with friends

about mini and moment testimonial

be like a butterfly

before class

with teacher Ms wong

with teacher carmen

playing lego with friends

With Teacher Janet from Australia

playing music instrument

class activity

music book

class activity


shortclip sharing

mummy sing the bumble bee song,she use the bee to land on her face and body.

mummy sing the merry go round,when it collapse she use hammering hand to fix it.

be a butterfly

playing drum with daddy

progress report

After 10 months joining classes, here come the Concert for the children

For more concert image please view : https://oliviababylove.com/2018-concert-for-children-by-mini-and-moment/




If you would like to know more about this class,please whatapp Jessie 017-650 0976, tell her you are friends of Olivia mommy and you are entitle to get a free trial class.


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