Olivia 3 Birthday Party

January 11, 2019 by in the BIG album

Olivia turns 3 this year time flies, still can remember 3 years ago at this time I was inside the labour room, she was born premature at 730g, God bless her so much, that she grow up healthy and naughty 😁 let’s see some pictures of the day.

We ordered her birthday cake from lulu, she is our favorite Baker, Olivia 1st birthday cake after order from her, her design will never fail us. I requested cream cake this time, the green peppermint cream is delicious match well with the chocolate cake 🎂 if you like to know lulu please visit her site at https://www.facebook.com/lovesweetendings/

Group photo with teachers and friends

Olivia receives many presents from friends

She love the cake

I order healthy bento from my friend mum, she did it so well. Is her first time making bento for kids birthday by my idea 💡 better than I order happy meal at Mcdonald right.

Contents of the birthday breakfast set
2 red eggs
1 blue pea lychee jelly with small spoon
4 pieces of tuna sandwich
1 banana muffin
4 seedless grapes (green)
4 seedless grapes (black)

If you are interested to order this please ask me for the contact.

Red egg is a must in Chinese birthday celebrations, it mean one year older.

Kids are enjoying the bento

She ask daddy to take photo for her with the penguin 🐧

Distribute Party-bag time

Give you the macaroons

I have balloon 🎈

Thank you for all the presents.

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